Battle Royale, Vol. 6 - Koushun Takami, Masayuki Taguchi, Tomo Iwo, Keith Giffen This volume of the awesome and terrible series focused on some of my favourite characters. The delightful Shinji Mimura, who struggled to accept love and put up an act of bravado to cover it; Shogo Kawada, the seemingly tough warrior with a heart of gold; and Kiriyama, the guy you can't say you like without sounding like a sociopath too but who is oddly intriguing - you feel the need to discover what it is that has made him such a cold, calculating killer.

Kiriyama is an important character in many ways, but he is most important for exploring how a person can become someone who kills without thought, without regret and without remorse. Are some people just born with it in them or did something so bad happen that it messed Kiriyama up for life? That is the question that this book provides and you find yourself desperately needing to read on further to discover the answer.