The Two Towers  - J.R.R. Tolkien
I'm one of very few people in the world that actually really hate the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and 'The Hobbit' as well. I've read 'The Hobbit' twice, trying to capture the second time what I was sure I must have missed the first time round... but no. And then I read The Fellowship of the Ring and found Frodo's story to be as drab and long-winded as that of Bilbo. I would have stopped there but my friends told me that I should definitely read this book, promising me great adventure and well-written fantasy worlds. And still no.

I realise I am in the minority and I don't know why. But I've looked for what everyone loves so much about these books and everytime I find pages and pages of boredom. These novels are the kind that make me want to skip pages - and I really hate doing that because I feel like a cheat, but ack! What is it? Really, what am I missing?