Bottoms Up (Come Again, #1) - Miranda Baker
A really good BDSM erotica story, I just wished it could have been longer. The characters were well-formed and likeable, they could have easily carried out a full-length novel and their backstories were interesting. If anything, I just felt the story had so much unexplored potential and deserved at least another 100 pages.

It's quite a unique take on the D/s lifestyle and challenges issues about labels, sexuality and love. I found myself caught up in the whirlwind of sexcapades and erotic romance, and I loved how the two main characters found a hidden part of themselves in each other (please excuse that phrase but that's the best way I could think to put it). I've often found that when authors try to make a romance out of erotica they fall miserably on their face and just bore the hell out of their readers, but there was no sense of that here. I wanted the characters to be together and have a happy ending just as much as I wanted them to have really kinky sex.

One of the best things about this kind of BDSM is that, in my opinion, the author took it just far enough without crossing the boundaries into stuff that just grosses me out. Leather, whips, chains and spanking is all good... blood and faeces never will be. This book stays within the realms of 'sexy' and out of 'disturbing'.

Now I'm just hoping we see a lot more from Miranda Baker as this story was very promising. Fingers crossed for the future, I'll be keeping my eyes open on the lookout.