Storm Born  - Richelle Mead I could not get into this at all. I'm a big Richelle Mead fan since reading her Succubus series but I feel she majorly let herself down with this one. I didn't care for Eugenie Markham once during this novel, I felt no real connection with her and she didn't even have the witty sarcasm that I so loved about Georgina Kincaid. The plot was weak and just generally messy, that's not even mentioning the weird mythology overkill that interested me about as much as watching paint dry... I couldn't tell you what the basic folklore/mythology behind it was because my head got so screwed up in an array of odd creatures and poor characters.

Also, if Richelle Mead had instead released several short stories of this kind entitle 'BDSM Erotica', I would have probably been more impressed. Because that's essentially what it was. And, hey, I'm not against a bit of S&M with my smut, but at least get your story right first before you break out the whips and chains. I kind of felt that this book was just some sort of unleashing of Mead's weird fantasies - couldn't she have just started a blog and spared me the anticipation of thinking "oh great, another Richelle Mead novel" only to then be faced with the disappointment that inevitably followed.

Mead shouldn't have promised the reader a urban fantasy when all we got was smut. And about that... it never really does it for me when the heroine meets a gorgeous (and sexy and hot and buff) guy in the first few chapters and gets it on right away. I'm a fan of suspense, I want to feel that inner "yay!" when the heroine you're rooting for finally sleeps with that guy you just wish was real. But here I had no time to give a damn about Kiyo (or Eugenie) before they got naked. So even the smut (that the book was pretty much centred around) didn't really give me what I wanted anyway. In future I'll just stick to the Succubus series.