Laid Bare - Lauren Dane
This is the first time I've felt the need to review a book that is predominantly erotica; I mean, most of the time they either do their job right (make you hot under the collar) or they don't and there's rarely much more to be said about it in my opinion. However, Laid Bare was an erotic novel that was quite different from what I'm used to - well, it actually wasn't all about sex.

There was a good deal of character development that I haven't found in many non-erotic books that I've read recently... it worked well. The story is about two people (Erin and Todd) who, through a lot of kinky sexual interactions, end up becoming the people they've always wanted to be and unleashing sides of themselves that they had kept hidden. It's a love story as well as smut and I found both of the main characters to my liking.

It was deeply emotional and quite sad at times; though the plot was approached through an erotic angle, it had so much more to offer than is typical of the genre. Erotica tends to be a quick sex-filled fix, fun while it lasts but mostly meaningless. I would recommed this to everyone who enjoys both the sexual aspect of erotica but also looks for something else in their novels. This is quite apart from the rest and many authors of erotic fiction could learn a lot from this.