Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me? (Confessions of Georgia Nicolson) - Louise Rennison
Ah, there's nothing like a bit of Georgia Nicholson silliness to cheer me up. I love that Louise Rennison's books are still funny the third time you read them, I could actually just sit here quoting awesomely hilarious lines to you instead of writing a review - I thought about it.

What should I say? These books never fail to make me laugh (sometimes out loud) and I'm only sad that this book is the end of the road for our Ace Gang, sex gods, luurve gods and (most importantly) our Hornmeister. Yes, I am in love with Dave the Laugh. I remember back when there was no other but Robbie (aka the sex god) and all I could think was "noooooo!" when Georgia got closer to Dave; but now there's just no other sensible choice, sex gods and Italian luurve gods step aside.

I will even miss Wet Lindsay, Slim and Elvis. Not to mention Jas and her ginormous knickers. This is one series I know I will be able to read again and again.