The Lipstick Laws - Amy Holder If you don't take this book too seriously, it's a fun and enjoyable read filled with laugh-out-loud moments. It's not particularly life-changing and the angst is only small-scale (thank god) but this is what made it so refreshing. It's the age-old story of surviving high school and all the cliques, bitchiness, gossiping and heartbreak that goes with it. Put simply, this is a novel about boyfriends, girlfriends, and make-up. Naturally, it's full of jealousies and insecurities as well but the tone is very light.

The book opens up on the school bus with April (the protagonist) comparing her non-existent boobs with that of 'Double-D Darci' and admitting to her obsession with 'bra-stuffing'. If only I could say I never did that to get in to older films at the cinema! It's a story that nearly every teenage girl can relate to in some way and anyone who's ever been to high school will definitely recognise some (if not all) of the characters. It reminds me a lot of Mean Girls, a movie that is so much more than meets the eye.


April is a decent character, but not a great one; funny and easy to relate to, but nothing special. She has all the stereotypical qualities that we expect from a teenage girl in a young adult chick-lit novel, and exactly nothing extra to make her stand out - she delivers our expectations and never exceeds them.

So.. will you like this book? You probably will if:

- You enjoyed the movie Mean Girls
- You are a fan of light-hearted, chick lit novels
- You're into the less than serious high school dramas

This book won't change your life or give you a brand new perspective on some philosophical idea, but who reads a book called 'The Lipstick Laws' for that kind of thing anyway. It's humourous and very easy to read.