The Legacy - Gemma Malley So, this is the end of the Declaration series as it currently stands and I found The Legacy to be a moving and befitting ending to a series that has kept me on my toes, questioned philosophical and ethical matters and delivered them in Gemma Malley's beautiful writing.

However, it has to be said that the first three quarters of the novel would have given it three stars. I did enjoy the story and the development of Jude but it didn't have the panic and urgency that the other two books did, I found it quite slow at times. Also, I don't think I will ever like Anna or Peter has characters. Anna is whiny, pathetic and behaves like a 5 year old, I can't find any kind of endearment towards her. Equally, Peter is moody, selfish and at times seemingly sexist also; there is a sense that the men must protect their women in this whole series which aggravated me. By the way, Sheila is an awful character.

So, how did the last quarter redeem itself? Well, the ending was fantastic. Seriously, I never saw the twist coming, I even feel confident in pointing out there's a twist and that you still won't see it coming until the last minute. I want to say more about the ending and the revelation that came about but I simply won't ruin it for other readers, but trust me that the slow start is worth every paragraph.

The genre is questionable. It is in some ways a science-fiction novel because of the future society, longevity drugs, etc, etc. But it is a lot more focused on relationships and people than the science aspect. It doesn't lack much for it but it would of course be better if the people were likeable, which most of the time they are not. And aside from the ending, I think my favourite part of the book is when Julia and her husband make the decision to die naturally together, I found it incredibly touching and just a really sweet sideplot. I can say that I hope this isn't the last we hear of Gemma Malley.