Surrender - Lora Leigh
I read this and Fyre Brand.

The moral of this story: the quickest way to a woman's heart is through her ass.


This story was the slightly better of the two I read in the Surrender To Fire book and the sex scenes were fairly hot at times. I'm still unsure why anal sex is a requirement that goes hand in hand with love when it comes to Lora Leigh's writing, but I didn't feel quite as sick during the dirty talk episodes. Unfortunately, the guy was as openly foul-mouthed as nearly every one of Leigh's heroes.

The thing about a lot of Lora Leigh's novels, from what I've gathered so far, is that they might work for a lot of people as erotica because there's plenty of extremely graphic sex, but they flop down on their faces as soon as Lora tries to turn it into a romance... which she does a lot. In pretty much every story she tells, somewhere amid the spanking, gross language and anal, one or both characters realises they are in love.

Love works in erotic romance, look at Lorelei James, look at Shayla Black, even look at the first Lora Leigh novel I read: Wild Card. But it only works when there's a story and a relationship that goes beyond doing someone in the ass. There's something about a lot of Lora's work that fills me with revulsion, I know I should walk away but it's so hideous I can't stop reading. I must break this habit fast and read something I can feel positive about for a change.