The Bleeders: The price of his her sanity. (The Bleeders, #1) - Michaela Haze
I struggled to rate this book and I'm still not entirely sure I made the right decision. But I found that in the end I couldn't give a higher rating to a novel that is so full of some of the most basic mistakes like spelling/grammatical errors, repeated words and clumsily worded sentences. There were a lot of problems with this book but nearly every single one could have been easily solved with some good editing. I felt like they probably just gave the writing a quick once over and didn't thoroughly examine it - if they had, it would have been a much better book.

Michaela Haze has the potential to be a great novel writer, I really liked her style of writing that was quite dark, honest and sometimes rather grotesquely beautiful (like the way she describes the self-harming scenes). I also enjoyed the story and found the dreary, Misfits-style settings and characters to be a refreshing change to the usually sparkly prettiness that is the paranormal romance genre. Haze's characters are all imperfect, they are poor, rough and they smoke cheap cigarettes. The setting she creates is also very bleak but very effective for it. There's a melancholy feeling to the whole novel that I think really worked well.

However, amid all this darkness, I kept coming across more and more stupid mistakes in the book and it's so off-putting when the author's building up the tension to a very crucial part of the story and suddenly... two words are the wrong way around in a sentence. So, I have to stop in my tension-building tracks and read the sentence again to try and make sense of it. Then, when I've done that, the mood's gone... all because of the bloody lousy editing. Is it too much to ask for a proof read before you publish a novel?

I don't blame the author and I think she has so much more to give but unfortunately was let down by her publishers. [b:The Bleeders|11251485|The Bleeders (The FIA TAYLOR Series)|Michaela Haze||16177998] is worth a read and I will definitely look out for more of Michaela Haze's work in the future, I just wish silly errors weren't standing in the way of this book earning a greater amount of praise.