Edge of Midnight - Shannon McKenna
My first delve into the romantic suspense genre got me the amazing Naked in Death and I was suddenly really excited to read more of these mystery books. The problem here was, where Naked in Death and the other books in the series are a deeply developed psychological murder mystery with a sweet romantic subplot that is secondary to solving the case... [b:Edge of Midnight|366228|Edge of Midnight (McClouds & Friends, #4)|Shannon McKenna|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/516sgNOQokL._SL75_.jpg|7130900] is sex. Lots and lots of sex and love and sex and angst and sex. There's also a stalker on the loose, but we'll get to him once we've had sex on the floor. And in the shower. And in the car. And in some dingy motel.

Do you see where this is going?

I wanted mysteries, murders, psychos, victims... yeah, I'm weird like that. But all I got was the two main characters banging the absolute hell out of each other. And seriously, curiosity has drawn me to some of the weirdest erotica before but there was something in this book that I have never even heard of and I'm not quite sure how it's possible, lol.

3 stars is quite generous for a sexfest that I thought was going to be a mystery but, to be honest, I quite liked the characters and enjoyed reading their quirky exchanges of banter. I thought the sexiest scenes were those near the beginning where they meet again after years apart - you can feel the sexual tension sizzling through the air between them!

I'm no prude but there's such a thing as too much sex in novels. In my opinion, an author should build up the tension between the characters just as they would build up the tension in a good mystery. They should make the reader want them to get together and make them sigh happily when they do. It's an all-together far more satisfying read when it's handled like that.