Pod - Stephen Wallenfels
Many thanks to UK Book Tours for allowing me to participate in the tour of this book.

It is with regret that I have to say I would not have finished this book if it hadn't been sent to me for review as part of a blog tour. However, I ploughed on through to the very end and I was thoroughly disappointed with the book as a whole. The worst thing about it was that the story was rather boring and I didn't care for any of the characters. At one point I went online to check whether the book was self-published because the quality of writing left something to be desired as well, but the book shares it's publisher with novels such as Cut and Keturah and Lord Death.

Science-fiction is a weird genre. It's produced some of my favourite and least favourite novels over the years and it continues to go both ways even now. Pod is very much like The War of the Worlds, there's this big dramatic alien invasion that could have made a really interesting story... then comes this whole waiting game of nothing really happening. What will the PODs do next? Answer: not that much.

I will say that this novel attempted to do what The War of the Worlds never did, and that's to fill up the in-between bits with family troubles and squabbles over food rations and whatnot. In fact, Pod's main story was the in-between bits and not the alien invasion. I thought the whole thing read like a boring subplot, like we were always waiting for something to happen and it never managed to reach any major levels of excitement or drama.