Revolver - Marcus Sedgwick image

This is a short, simple and powerful story that I sat down to sample and ended up finishing in no time at all. Revolver is the second book I've read by Marcus Sedgwick - the other being Midwinterblood - and I have to say that both his novels have managed to impress and surprise me.

If I'm being honest, they just never really sounded that appealing to me, despite the fact that I've been told by numerous people to give his books a try. This story is about Sig and his family who live in the arctic circle, it alternates between 1899 and 1910 until the secrets of the past catch up with the present and things start to fall into place. It's quite a beautiful novel about choices and what happens when a good person is faced with a difficult decision involving a gun and the life of someone who means them harm.

If you're into short, meaningful stories that impart a message which is likely to affect you and make you think for a while, then Marcus Sedgwick is your man. However, it's difficult to recommend this book to anyone because I can't promise you lots of action or romance or magic... but if you don't need a story that is swamped with fast-pacing and melodrama, this could be for you. For a book that is quite subtle and not packed with the aforementioned, it is still addictively readable. I ate it up.