Sword of Light - Katherine Roberts image

I was quite excited to receive this ARC as part of a blog tour because I've always been a little fascinated with the legend of King Arthur, Merlin and the knights of the round table ever since I watched Sword in the Stone as a child. It's one of those legends that often incorporates kings, queens, dragons and magic in all of it's many retellings, and who can resist a bit of history mixed with fantasy?

And if I was twelve, this book would definitely be another exciting tale surrounding these particular legends. It has everything that would have once been all I needed to love a novel: murder, scandal, invaders, fights for the throne, secrets, and just a touch of PG romance...

Yet I felt as if I'd stumbled into the kiddies section by accident. This book is way way too young for me, the writing is immature and simplistic - a fact which turned me off from the very first page. I'm not going to be overly negative about the book and I'm going to leave the rating blank. It doesn't seem fair to give a low rating because I failed to read the recommended age group details (10+).

If you're looking for a book to buy your kids or young siblings, Sword of Light will probably be an instant hit; or if you're a big fan of "middle grade" novels then you may also fall in love with it. Unfortunately, it seems, I am now just too old for this kind of writing.