The Poisonwood Bible - Barbara Kingsolver image
There's plenty of goodreads reviewers who felt differently, but I found The Poisonwood Bible. They are both books about countries and cultures that I was only vaguely familiar with and they are both about a very specific turning point in each country's history. And while they are both good, in my opinion, they are also two very different kinds of novels. [b:A Thousand Splendid Suns|128029|A Thousand Splendid Suns|Khaled Hosseini||3271379] is a fast-paced, emotional, dramatic page-turner that has you constantly on the edge of your seat. I read it in a single day and wanted to recommend it to every person who hadn't read it. [b:The Poisonwood Bible|7244|The Poisonwood Bible|Barbara Kingsolver||810663], on the other hand, is a slower, more complex, more demanding work that is even more satisfying when you look back over it and observe it's clever details as a whole. It's not for everyone and I'm sure my Empire and Decolonization course helped prepare me somewhat for it.

Ultimately, I really liked how Kingsolver uses the different perspectives to take on the different attitudes to postcolonialism. For me, this is a clever and thought-provoking novel that goes beyond what many other books of its kind have achieved.